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Beat the Heat with These 8 Summer Moving Tips

Moving during any season can be an exciting but stressful time. You’re eager to take the next step and start your life in your new home, but moving during summer presents its own unique set of obstacles and necessities. When temperatures soar and humidity refuses to take a break, summer moving can easily go from inconvenient to dangerous. That’s why it’s important to devise a plan before moving day so you can ensure your adventure goes smoothly—and safely. If you are moving from a large home it may make sense to part-move in advance by shifting some of your less important stuff into a cheap self-storage unit.

Start your plan with these eight tips:


  1. Remember, the Early Bird Gets the Shade

Set that alarm and start your day before the sun does. The sun is typically at its strongest between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m., so avoid doing any particularly strenuous moving during this time. Use this window to plan a lunch break, run any necessary errands or, if you’re moving somewhere nearby and need to make multiple trips, hit the road with the AC blasting.


  1. Keep It Light and Breezy

Loose-fitting clothes are ideal for moving in general, as long as they’re not so loose that they run the risk of snagging on anything. Avoid dark colours that absorb the sun’s harsh rays and instead opt for lighter hues. This is a great day to wear your trainers and sweat wicking gym (or couch) clothes.


  1. Designate a Water Boy

Hydration, hydration, hydration. The dog days of summer are reason enough to stay hydrated, but when you add long-term physical exertion to the equation, drinking enough water or electrolyte-replenishing beverages is vital to your health. Knight someone in your group the water boy whose responsibility it is remind everyone to take a drink break. If no one volunteers, set a recurring alarm on your mobile.


  1. Take (Frequent) Fives

Moving is tough work! You may be tempted to push through even when you’re exhausted just to get it all done, but that’s your body telling you that it needs to rest. If you ignore it, you’re at greater risk of developing heat stroke, which is accompanied by confusion, dizziness, agitation, and, ironically, an absence of sweat. So, play it safe and sacrifice those five minutes of moving time for your health.


  1. Get a Child/Pet Sitter

Even if they want to be your little helper, small children are hazardous to your moving day. They’re also more susceptible to heat stroke and less likely to realize when they’ve overexerted themselves. And while you might be tempted to leave Fido and Muffins out, even outside so they’re not underfoot, don’t: The heat can affect animals just as severely, they just don’t have any way to let you know. Keep little ones—two- and four-legged alike—safe and sound with a friend or professional sitter.


  1. Have a Cool Break Room

Pick a small, closed-in room that has already been completely cleared out and either leave the central air vent open or keep a small AC unit on. No one likes the idea of spending money to cool an empty room, but when you need to take a break after two hours of moving heavy boxes in 32-degree weather, you’ll forget all about that £2 in electricity and have difficulty tearing yourself away!


  1. Eat Light

On one hand, you want to have the energy you need to get you through such a physically exhausting day, but on the other, heavy food can be difficult to digest, especially in extreme heat. Eat foods that are low in density but high in protein and nutrients, like fresh fruit and vegetables, eggs, grilled chicken, and tuna.


  1. Pack a “Go” Bag

Let’s be honest, at the end of a day of moving in the heat of summer, you’ll want a nice shower and clean set of clothes—but wait, you’ve packed everything away and need to go digging through boxes! Don’t make this mistake. Instead, pack a small bag with clean clothes and a towel, toiletries, and anything else you consider a necessity before you can relax. After all, you’ve earned it.

Moving in the summer can be difficult if you’re not properly prepared, but it can also be a fun and exciting day when done the right (and safe) way! Follow these eight tips and make your journey to your new home your best yet.



By Stephen Schwartz, Co-Owner, Gotham Mini Storage
Stephen Schwartz is the co-founder of Broadway Storage, a firm that specializes in the development and acquisition of industrial properties including Gotham Mini Storage.


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