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How to save money on international removals

If you are looking to undertake an international move but are on a budget, of course you will want some advice as to how to go about this.  Below we have some tips that will help you achieve this goal.

Use Comparison sites for international removals

The easiest way to save money is to use a comparison site. these sites will take the details of the items you are looking to move and provide you with a number of quotes from selected companies, thus allowing you to select the best quotation based on your budget and requirements, and saving you the time and hassle of ringing around and obtaining quotes. Remember to look carefully at    what companies are supplying as there may be some hidden extras to think about.

Think about what your moving

Of course the best way to save money is to only move your essentials.  Most quotations for International removals are based on volume ,space your furniture will take up on the vehicle,  so the less non essential items you take, the cheaper your removal will be. Look at the quality of the furniture items you are taking, good quality furniture which is made of solid wood for instance may well be worth moving, but an Ikea wardrobe, less so.  Looking at website to compare new for old prices on furniture items if a good idea. you may find that shopping for new  items in the country you are moving to is more cost effective than moving older items.

Reduce your volume

You can reduce the volume of your move by also packing as small as possible. Using clothes and towels as packing materials for delicate items is a great saving on space, and also makes boxes more robust and spreads the weight. If  you can dismantle items and flat pack them, do so, as this is a huge saving on space, and if not then fill the items with light weight unbreakable’s, such as duvets and  pillows.  You can turn the handle bars and remove the pedals on bicycles, so that they are easy to stack, all of these little tricks save on volume, and therefore costs.

Establish your volume to get quotes

To get an idea of the volume of effects you have, so that you can get an accurate quotation is a good idea, thus illuminating any nasty surprises on costs. To do this accurately you need to stack you items in a cube, as square as possible and them measure the length, width and height. with these dimensions you can multiply (length x width x height) to get the accurate volume. it is a good idea to take photographs of this to send to your chosen removal company and as evidence of volume. When you take measurements be generous rather than not, as slightly overstated measurements will allow for any awkward stacking. Remember you are charged for the space you take up on the vehicle or in the container rather than each individual item added together., and your mover is normally stacking into a vehicle or container which is 2 to 3 meters high.

Compare quotes

When looking for quotations for an international removal  it is important to obtain various quotations to compare.  you will need to look at all the small print to  be clear on what is included in the quotation and what is not. You can normally negotiate with your chosen company to either include extra services for the same price, or to drop a little on their initial pricing. Remember cheap is not always best, as they may well be missing some important service, like destinations services, which would be charged at the country of arrival.

Insurance on your move – it’s another cost!

It is a good idea to have insurance to cover your effects during their removal. Most removal companies will recommend an insurance company to you, and sometimes you can negotiate the rate that you pay. You can also find insurance companies providing this service online. Once again you need to read the small print and check for exclusions and excess charges.

Good movers have information pages on your destination country

Most reputable removal companies have comprehensive websites with information on the areas that they undertake removals to.  Take time to investigate the information provided, as this will help you on arrival at your destination.  You will save time and money if you have a clear idea on what you need to do on arrival at your new home and may save yourself charges such as storage fees etc. Investigate  how you will need to go about obtaining residency, driving licences , work, schooling etc, so that when you arrive, you can get started. it is also worth knowing public holidays dates, local customs and general advice from other expats.

For more help…………

For more International removals help and advice visit the advance moves website and look for your destination country in the popular removals tab on the menu.



Advance moves international removals is a company dedicated to providing information and competitive quotes for International removals. Formed in 2002 advance moves has helped thousands of people save time and money on their international removals with the advance moves quick quote system. Enter some basic details about your move and get an instant online quote plus removal quotations from up to 6 independent professional removal companies that best match your removal requirements.

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Hiring Professional Packers Vs. Pacing Yourself: Which Is Right For You?

Moving is indeed a time-consuming and stressful process. It involves the excitement of starting a new life in a new place as well as the sorrow of leaving your old home behind. But the whole process of relocation requires attention more than anything else. Packing everything from furniture to documents, make proper arrangements for transporting those assets, and a few more things that are need to be done correctly. At this point, it is pretty normal to get confused. Because there will be no second chance, whatever you will do, should be done correctly.

For example, you are packing. No matter you are moving alone or moving with a family, you have to pack everything up. Now suppose you are hiring a movers and packers company. They are the professionals. So your work will be done pretty quickly. But what if their inconvenience causes you any damage? Don’t you think that will be another addition during this hassle?

That is the reason why here we are going to talk about particularly on the matter of packing so that you can make your mind clear, whether you will be packing or will let an agency do so.

Professional packers

Professional packers are professionals because they are trained in the art of packing and moving the box. In many moving companies, packing is an add-on option.  The process starts when the workers come into the customer’s house guided by the customer himself to check what needs to be packed and whatnot. Once the packing is over, workers assemble all the boxes carefully. From there, movers take over the work.


  • It is quick

If your home is bigger with several rooms, then the number of furniture must be pretty high too. So apparently it’s a time consuming and tiring work to disassemble each asset and wrap them. In this kind of situation, professional packers can save your life! As for you, it may take a few weeks or even a month; professional packers will get the job done may be within only a few hours or a day.

  • Packing will be proper

You must agree that there must be a few differences in your process of wrap things and trained professionals’ process. They use specific methods to pack delicate, valuable stuff like delicate glassware, some artwork, mirrors, sculptures, etc. Their process minimizes the chance of damaging things. Their company gives you the guarantee of their work, and if it is a good company, they will also provide you with insurance. But what will happen if your unprofessional package occurs any damage?


  • Expensive

Expense or cost is the main reason why people hesitate to consult a movers and packers agency. But if someone wants to hire a company, they usually will want to hire the best one. And the best ones can cost several hundredths to thousandths, depending on the number of items that need to be packed.

  • Lack of control

Professional packers are trained with specific methods of packing, which is why they are not going to the methods ordered or guided by you. They may pack all of your winter clothes along with your summer clothes. Things you have already packed in your way, the packers will repack them according to their method. In the end, while unpacking, you may end up being confused and frustrated.

  • Trusting

Some people may feel uncomfortable letting a group of unknown people come into your house to handle and pack personal belongings. Maybe they are afraid of threats like theft or breaking precious belongings. However, choosing an ethical, trustworthy company that will provide trustworthy workers is up to you.

Advantages and disadvantage of packing yourself


  • Low costs

As we discussed before, the expense is the main reason for not choosing movers and Packers Company. So, for the same reason, the reduced costs are the main advantage of packing yourself. Moving is itself a costly step, and your pocket may be a little tight after purchasing a home and bearing other related expenses. And that is precisely why maybe you are skipping the step of paying professional packers.

  • Everything is under your control

If there is an issue with strangers handling your belongings or are not happy if the workers are not following your way, it will be useful to handle everything yourself. We can understand some people are somehow dominant in nature- who are habituated in controlling situations, then hiring packers may cause you serious frustrations.

  • You are not going to steal

While you are packing by yourself, the fear of theft or breaking should be nowhere. Another thing is, no one will understand the value of your possessions better than yourself, so you are the one who will pack everything very carefully. So, you can keep your most lovable belongings away from dishonest workers.


  • Time-consuming

Where the main reason for hiring packers is saving your time, handling everything by yourself may require lots of time. Relocating in a new home is already a hassle- from changing the address to handling insurance or medical issues, from attending farewell to making travel arrangements: where is the time to take care of packing?  That’s why the whole packing process may take months, leaving you entirely incapable of further works.

  • You are not a professional

Firstly you packed everything with lots of patience and time, what will happen if your non-professional packing damages a few of your belongings? Even after doing everything according to online instructions, you cannot decrease the chance of damaging things, as you are not aware of the proper methods.

Company will provide you insurance for their inconvenience

For instance, you packed a bunch of glasses in a box, and the truck’s vibrations broke them, then the movers are not responsible for your loss. They are not liable for boxes they didn’t pack. That means if you pack your things, then you are doing this with your risk.

If you’re in Dubai you can check this: Movers and packers in Dubai.

At the end

Whether you want to hire packers or going to do it yourself- it should depend on your needs. What will happen if you will need to face a lot more loss than the packers’ charge? After judging everything, if you are completely sure that you can do it, hiring packers won’t be necessary, then it’s your call. But in the end, you are going to judge the matter, no one else, so think carefully and then decide.



What Brexit Means for the Removals Industry

There’s currently a lot of speculation regarding Brexit, if it will go ahead, and what it means for industries. Here’s what we anticipate it could mean for removal companies, particularly international removals companies. To be honest, Brexit’s consequences are difficult to predict, however, we can make some assumptions and educated guesses about its possible effects. If we leave the EU, the removals industry will likely experience positive, but also negative outcomes.

Domino effect in the property market

The effect of Brexit is likely to be significant on the property market in the UK. Removal companies may find themselves negatively impacted by this outcome. Brexit will likely cause economic instability particularly in the short-term. Instability will mean people find it more difficult to purchase property. It’s reasonable to suggest this will mean more people staying in their current accommodation and not needing removal services. The law of supply and demand means we’ll have a surplus of removal companies looking for bookings and less jobs available so profit margins will be put under pressure.


Free movement

In order for removal companies in the UK to operate smoothly, they often need to move freely across Europe. After Brexit, free movement will become problematic. UK removal companies may look to build better relationships with EU removal companies to create mutually beneficial partnerships. Companies will likely need to complete more procedures and paperwork before they are allowed to cross the borders. This will delay the process and cost removal companies more time and money. UK nationals, who move to the EU and later decide to move back to Britain, will possibly be more inclined to hire a local European removals company to avoid the perceived complications.



All countries involved in the EU have benefited from the trading agreement between the European countries and the United Kingdom. This has allowed free tariff trading agreements for our removals companies. If Brexit goes ahead, companies will need to negotiate new agreements. This makes the UK vulnerable to unfavourable tariffs when they deliver services to European countries.


Labour force changes

Being part of the EU, UK companies have the right to use an experienced workforce from all over Europe. Unfortunately, Brexit will likely create complications for British businesses, including our removals companies. Potentially this could be seen as good news for unemployed citizens. It will possibly open more job opportunities for the currently unemployed.


More citizens moving

The increase of British people wanting to move abroad is one short-term positive of Brexit for removals companies. Should you stay or should you go? This will possibly result in a small increase in bookings of removals companies. EU nationals who now live in the UK may feel unstable in their residency and choose to move home. This could result in mass-migration for the short-term, meaning more work for the removals industry.



According to the referendum results, the UK voted in favour of leaving the EU by 52%. Only Wales and England voted to leave the European Union by the majority, while all Scotland and Northern Ireland councils voted to stay in the EU with a majority of votes.


We all hope citizens and businesses will benefit from Brexit if we choose to go ahead. Of course there will be a time for us all to recalibrate and prepare for the future. After a couple of turbulent years, we hope for economic stability to be restored. We cannot tell for sure what the outcomes of Brexit will be – we are cautiously optimistic that a good decision will be made for the benefit of us all.

Unusual Moving House Rituals From Around The World

Moving house is a huge lifestyle change. Emotions are heightened, excitement fills the air, but leaving the familiar surroundings you’ve called home can be a testing time. When things go well, joy and happiness are abundant. But there are plenty of opportunities for things to go wrong. It’s thought that the average person spends around 45% of their time at home so moving really does have a huge impact on the way we feel and live.

With all this considered it’s no wonder that people look for ways to secure the future health, happiness and tranquillity they wish for in their new home. This need to calm those moving nerves and stresses has been present throughout history, and across many different cultures around the globe. As a result, there are some interesting moving house rituals and traditions that come with moving to a new home.

Intrigued by this concept, Bingham Self-Storage have researched and illustrated some of the most interesting house moving traditions from different cultures and the history books. You probably haven’t heard about these before…but if you’re moving soon you might want to try a few out! Perhaps not?! We’ll let you decide…

moving abroad

A Quick Guide to Moving Abroad

Don’t you often dream about living in another country? When you feel like your country has nothing to offer, moving to another place seems like the best idea.

However, the process is not as easy as it seems. While you’re only thinking about staying in your dream country, you should know that this comes with new problems and responsibilities. There are many things to consider before leaving.

Here’s a quick guide to help you decide if you really want to move abroad or not.

Pick the location

This is the decisive step when moving abroad. Once something makes you decide that you want to live in another country, you need to ask yourself “Where?”. Maybe you already have somewhere in mind, but if not, you have to consider some things.

First of all, if you have children, you need to think about their studies and well-being. Moreover, a new language might come into play, and it is going to be difficult for your child to get used to it. You also need to think about schools, sports clubs and other activities that will help them settle in.

If you’ve chosen the country, think about what area of the country you want to live in. Find out what it has to offer, how safe it is, and other information that could help you make a decision.

Consider the Downsides

As you already know, you need to consider a lot of things when moving abroad. It should be no surprise to you that you’re going to feel lonely. Whether you’re going alone or not, the friends you’re used to are not going to be there. So, loneliness is something you cannot avoid.

Also, you should consider more things, like getting a job, the living costs, and many others.


Get Health Insurance

If you are working that means you may have health insurance as part of your package, but that’s not guaranteed. If you don’t have a job, then you need to check how you can get medical care and whether you will have to pay for it. Each country is different, so you might want to check this beforehand.

You can also talk to your doctor and get a comprehensive travel insurance policy before leaving. Upon arrival, you might have to provide some health certificates from your local doctor.

Get a Long-Term Visa

Depending on your reason for leaving, it’s really important to have a long-term visa. It could be a tourist, work, permanent residency, or business visa.

Also, if your passport is about to expire, it would be a good time to go and get a new one. This will save you some money, as you don’t have to fly back home to get another one as soon as you arrive there.

Enjoy The Experience

Yes, it’s going to be very hard in the beginning, like any new thing. However, you need to enjoy yourself out there. So, don’t be scared of the new place and new experiences. After everything is settled and your life takes its normal course, you can start having fun. Go out, meet new people, and start appreciating the new land.

Final Thoughts

Moving abroad is a big step, and it’s going to be complicated at first. However, with some good planning, it’s all going to turn out great.


Author Bio: Jessica is the head of content for Hire A Box – a moving company that specializes in house moves. You can find out more here.

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Choosing The Right Boxes When You Move House

When you move house it is important to pack your items properly to ensure they get to your new home in one piece. This is even more important if you are moving abroad, whether to another continent or just hopping across the English Channel to mainland Europe. The longer the journey the greater the risk of damage. And you certainly don’t want to arrive in a foreign country where you don’t speak the language and have to deal with any hassle. Imagine having to translate documents for an insurance claim as your first task in a new country!


Below we look at packing boxes and what to put in them.


Using the wrong packing materials to pack your items is a really bad idea. It will just add stress to what is an already tricky process. Choosing the right packing materials is really, really important, particularly if you value your possessions, which most of us do. From the size, to the material, there is a lot to consider when it comes to choosing the right packing materials. And if you are moving a long distance or even moving overseas then it is doubly important to use specialist international packers and movers.

Little Boxes

Little boxes are great for packing things like food from the kitchen, and smaller gardening tools. Things like books are also better packed into smaller boxes because they are less likely to get damaged, as they can be in bigger boxes. Anything particularly heavy like tins, books and glass or stone ornaments should be packed into smaller boxes to make them easier to carry and to ensure the cardboard is more likely to hold the weight of the items as well.

Middle-Sized Boxes

A medium box is going to be able to hold a lot of different items such as gadgets from the kitchen, pots and pans, lamps, children’s toys and bulkier soft items like quilts and pillows. Remember to pack the heavier items at the bottom and the lighter items at the top, to avoid anything getting crushed.

Big Boxes

Big boxes are best used to pack items that are light, or that won’t fit into anything smaller. If you are packing something large like the TV (if it doesn’t have its original box) remember to stuff out any gaps to hold it still, and to secure the box, labelling it so people know to be careful with it. Larger boxes tend to be used best for things like bedding, big soft toys, towels and lighter ornaments.

Unique Boxes

If your items are going a long way, you may want to get a special unique box ordered for items that require special protection. Perhaps you have an ornament, sports equipment or art worth a lot of money. If you do, then it is worth investing in a unique box able to house and protect the item adequately.

Plate & Glass Boxes

Certain boxes come with special sections for plates and glasses so you don’t have to worry about them moving around. If you have an expensive set of dishes or glasses, this is certainly worth considering. It is also a great idea if your items are going into self storage because it will keep them safe and separate for their time in storage.

Remember when sourcing storage boxes there are companies that offer them for sale, or you can get free ones from the supermarket or any shop that uses cardboard. Banana boxes are a great choice as they are so strong and come with lids. Whatever you do remember to always:

  • Clearly label boxes (especially if they are going into self storage)
  • Properly wrap items inside the box
  • Clean items that need cleaning before they go in the box
  • Use a strong packing tape to secure the box once it is shut
  • Never risk making the box too heavy as it could fall through at the bottom



Happy Packing!


moving to london - some tips

5 Great Tips To Help You Move To London

Moving to London can be hard. In this post we look at 5 great tips that will help make your move easier, so you can look forward to enjoying this vibrant and exciting place.


Moving to London can be hard, but you can do it with some preparation. And you do need to do the preparation because London does have its own special rules, and if you aren’t aware of the nuances that come with moving to the capital you could find yourself struggling a little. That being said it is perfectly possible to move smoothly and happily to this cultured, exciting place. Plus it is totally worth it for the sheer vibrancy of the life everybody lives here. So, here are 5 great tips to help you move to London:


  1. Look for a place while you find a place

It isn’t easy to find a well priced place to stay in London, but it is possible. Be flexible and ready to compromise and you will succeed. Find a place to stay while you look and you will find it easier to find a permanent place because you can be visiting potential let’s everyday if you want to.


  1. Consider Sharing

Sharing accommodation is a great idea because it is cheaper, more social and enables you to live in a better location in terms of your budget. Plus you get to share bills which saves you money again. If you are concerned about how much stuff you have and how to fit it all in one room, take advantage of cheap self storage in London. A cheap self storage unit will enable you to have easy access to your beloved items whilst you save money on rent living in a cheaper place.


  1. Locations Will Determine Rent

living in london near the tubeBe aware that where you want to live will affect how much you pay. This is another good reason searching for permanent residence is better whilst staying in the area because an area you might think is rubbish might actually be quite cool and cheaper, but you need to spend time there to see that.


  1. Areas Are Vastly Different

Every area has a different vibe and if you want to enjoy the area you live in, you might want to consider its vibe:

East London

Shoreditch, Hoxton, Dalston, Hackney, Bow, Mile End, Bethnal Green, Whitechapel, Clapton

Shoreditch and Hoxton are up and coming and super trendy so are more expensive, the same with Dalston. With Hackney it is a bit cheaper although it has no tube. Bow and Mile End is cheaper but quieter. Bethnal Green and Whitechapel are increasing in price as they are up and coming like Shoreditch, and Clapton is cheaper but still developing.


North London

Angel, Camden, Finsbury Park

Angel is very expensive as is Camden. Finsbury Park and further that way is cheaper but getting more expensive.



Notting Hill, Kensington, Shepherds Bush

Extremely expensive, only accessible to those with a big salary.



Clapham, Peckham, Vauxhall

Clapham is up and coming and very popular with digital nomad types, and most areas within the South are vibrant in terms of culture. All are good for transport and cheaper rent although Clapham is hardly cheap.


  1. Be Flexible With Transport

red london buses - travelling in londonBe ready to be flexible with transport because rush hour blocks everything up. Sometimes a bus is better than a tube, but then a tube might be quicker than a bus. Sometimes walking is better than any public transport, and if you’re a confident cyclist, you could burn some calories and take advantage of the ever-increasing cycle lanes across London. In any case, if you use the buses and tubes a lot invest in an Oyster Card because they save you so much money.



Happy Moving!