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How to save money on international removals

If you are looking to undertake an international move but are on a budget, of course you will want some advice as to how to go about this.  Below we have some tips that will help you achieve this goal.

Use Comparison sites for international removals

The easiest way to save money is to use a comparison site. these sites will take the details of the items you are looking to move and provide you with a number of quotes from selected companies, thus allowing you to select the best quotation based on your budget and requirements, and saving you the time and hassle of ringing around and obtaining quotes. Remember to look carefully at    what companies are supplying as there may be some hidden extras to think about.

Think about what your moving

Of course the best way to save money is to only move your essentials.  Most quotations for International removals are based on volume ,space your furniture will take up on the vehicle,  so the less non essential items you take, the cheaper your removal will be. Look at the quality of the furniture items you are taking, good quality furniture which is made of solid wood for instance may well be worth moving, but an Ikea wardrobe, less so.  Looking at website to compare new for old prices on furniture items if a good idea. you may find that shopping for new  items in the country you are moving to is more cost effective than moving older items.

Reduce your volume

You can reduce the volume of your move by also packing as small as possible. Using clothes and towels as packing materials for delicate items is a great saving on space, and also makes boxes more robust and spreads the weight. If  you can dismantle items and flat pack them, do so, as this is a huge saving on space, and if not then fill the items with light weight unbreakable’s, such as duvets and  pillows.  You can turn the handle bars and remove the pedals on bicycles, so that they are easy to stack, all of these little tricks save on volume, and therefore costs.

Establish your volume to get quotes

To get an idea of the volume of effects you have, so that you can get an accurate quotation is a good idea, thus illuminating any nasty surprises on costs. To do this accurately you need to stack you items in a cube, as square as possible and them measure the length, width and height. with these dimensions you can multiply (length x width x height) to get the accurate volume. it is a good idea to take photographs of this to send to your chosen removal company and as evidence of volume. When you take measurements be generous rather than not, as slightly overstated measurements will allow for any awkward stacking. Remember you are charged for the space you take up on the vehicle or in the container rather than each individual item added together., and your mover is normally stacking into a vehicle or container which is 2 to 3 meters high.

Compare quotes

When looking for quotations for an international removal  it is important to obtain various quotations to compare.  you will need to look at all the small print to  be clear on what is included in the quotation and what is not. You can normally negotiate with your chosen company to either include extra services for the same price, or to drop a little on their initial pricing. Remember cheap is not always best, as they may well be missing some important service, like destinations services, which would be charged at the country of arrival.

Insurance on your move – it’s another cost!

It is a good idea to have insurance to cover your effects during their removal. Most removal companies will recommend an insurance company to you, and sometimes you can negotiate the rate that you pay. You can also find insurance companies providing this service online. Once again you need to read the small print and check for exclusions and excess charges.

Good movers have information pages on your destination country

Most reputable removal companies have comprehensive websites with information on the areas that they undertake removals to.  Take time to investigate the information provided, as this will help you on arrival at your destination.  You will save time and money if you have a clear idea on what you need to do on arrival at your new home and may save yourself charges such as storage fees etc. Investigate  how you will need to go about obtaining residency, driving licences , work, schooling etc, so that when you arrive, you can get started. it is also worth knowing public holidays dates, local customs and general advice from other expats.

For more help…………

For more International removals help and advice visit the advance moves website and look for your destination country in the popular removals tab on the menu.



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