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8 Vital Questions to Ask Before You Hire a Removalist

It’s a big deal to trust someone with your belongings during a house move.


After all, each of your possessions has some form of practical, sentimental and/or monetary value attached to it. Therefore, it’s only fitting that, before hiring a local removalist, you should at least ensure that the company is reputable and offers the services you require.


Asking questions is the best way to assess whether your prospective removalist can satisfy all your needs for the move. Once you have a removals company in mind, take into account the following questions during your first meeting:


1. What is your experience?

This is a crucial question especially if you are also moving rare or precious items that most removalists may not usually come across.


For instance, priceless pieces such as fine art, antiques, and a grand piano require skilled moving knowledge to prevent damages. These aren’t items that someone can easily carry and place in a moving truck; they need extra care through proper packing, dismantling and gentle handling.


2. Do you have insurance?

There are many risks during the move that may be beyond your removalist’s control.


The only way you can guarantee the safety of your items is through insurance. If your removalist does offer insurance, make sure to ask about the coverage and whether it is already part of the quote they have given you.


3. What is your rate?

Most removalists will give an initial rate based on the size of your current residence and the distance of the move.


Keep in mind that once you decide to move forward, the company should give you a proper estimate in writing and provide you with a copy of it.


The estimate document must include:


  • All fees/charges for the move
  • Both the removalist’s and your signature
  • Method and date of payment


Additional Fees

Ask if there are additional fees and when such charges will apply.


Some removalists charge extra for items which are difficult to handle and destinations which are particularly challenging to access. To avoid unexpected costs, take note of what conditions will cause them to go over your budget.


4. How long will the transit time be?

This is a crucial question to ask so that you can estimate when your belongings will arrive at your new home.


If you’re moving a long way and your items end up arriving early or far too late, you may not be around to pick them up.


5. Can you provide references or reviews from your previous clients?

If your chosen removalist is trustworthy, they would not hesitate to give you testimonials of satisfied clients. Much better if they have a website so that you can easily browse through to check if they’re giving factual and legitimate information.


Complaints and Claims

Ask your removalist if they have encountered complaints or claims. Details won’t be necessary as long as the company is honest about it, and they were able to handle the problems they encountered well.


6. Do you offer packing or storage?

There are people who don’t have enough time to properly pack their belongings inside individual boxes.


Find out if your removalist offers packing services so you don’t have to do all the packing on your own. Also, ask if they have a storage facility so that you have a place to secure your items just in case your new place isn’t ready yet.


7. Where is your office located?

A legitimate removal company should have an authentic brick and mortar office and contact number. Asking about the address of their office can help you verify the existence of the company.


You can even go as far as to check with your city government as to whether or not the removalist you will be dealing with has a licence to operate.


8. What are the things I need to prepare or arrange before moving day?

Inquire about what the removalist expects you to do before the actual moving date.


The company may ask you ready your boxes and save them a parking space for easy access. If you’re doing the packing by yourself, the removalist may be able to give you advice on proper packing to protect your belongings.


Also, don’t forget to ensure that your new home is all set, and spic and span, and ready for occupancy.


If you can’t handle the cleaning yourself, you should at least choose a good professional cleaning company to do the job for you.


A bit of checking goes a long way

As a client, you should be confident of the removalist you intend to hire by evaluating their background and services. This way, you can make sure that you don’t get less than what you deserve.


So, be sure to ask about the all of the above. The best removalists won’t have any qualms responding to your questions.


Come moving day, all you need to focus on is getting your new home set up once you get there.





Kim Hill works on Marketing at Adams & Rofe Removals and Storage and has been a dynamic figure in the removal industry for over 30 years. For relocating families, individuals or offices around Sydney or all over Australia, Kim will develop the perfect removal plan to take the stress out of your next move.

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