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Why You Should Use A Removals Company When Moving Houses

Moving into a new home can both be physically, emotionally and mentally exhausting. 


Packing your stuff alone could take days, while the stress of carrying and lugging around pieces of large, heavy furniture is just unimaginable. Doing all the packing and transporting may also lead to a lot of frustration, as you’d be taking a risk damaging fragile items like glassware, art and electronic gadgets. 


That is why some people choose to hire a professional removals company instead. However, many still question the necessity of such, as, at first glance, it will cost more than just doing the job yourself.


To convince you that a house removals company is worth your money, I’ve listed down some ways how a removals company can benefit you. 


Your Items Will Be Packed Properly

Most removals companies offer a full and comprehensive service, which will include the packing up of your belongings. By hiring professional movers, you’ll save yourself the hassle of packing altogether.


To make things even more enticing, because professional movers are skilled and knowledgeable in the tedious act of packing, they will be able to pack up your stuff quickly and efficiently. You wouldn’t have to worry about your stuff or your car getting broken or damaged, as they will know how to wrap and pack up even your valuable art and antiques. 


With that being said though, it is still much advisable for you to handle the packing of your valuables yourself. While professional movers are generally reliable and trustworthy, knowing where exactly your valuables are will give you that extra peace of mind. 


You’ll Be Able To Save A Lot Of Time

Hiring a professional house removals company can help you stay on task and on schedule, especially if you’re in a rush or following a tight schedule. Moreover, professional movers will get you out of your old home and into your new place with your stuff unpacked quickly. 


That means you wouldn’t have to endure a long day of hauling boxes and heavy furniture! 


A Moving Company Will Save You The Stress

As mentioned above, moving is an extremely stressful task. By hiring a removals company, you can relax knowing your belongings will be in good hands. Knowing everything has been packed properly and efficiently will also help you be on your way sooner. 


Because you no longer have to worry about packing up and lugging all the heavy stuff around, you’ll be as cool as a cucumber on moving day. Once every part of your move has been organized and coordinated, all you’ll have to think about is physically getting everything in your new home. 


Additionally, driving a huge moving truck on your own can be a stressful and anxiety-inducing task all on its own! Who would want to go through that, am I right?


You Can Avoid Moving-Related Injuries


As absurd as it may seem, moving can result in back and muscle injuries to inguinal hernia and small injuries to the hands and feet. As a result, whatever you save by moving your belongings yourself will have to go to physiotherapy and medication. Furthermore, some of these injuries will leave you incapacitated for a few weeks, which means you’ll also be sacrificing a few days worth of salary. 


Such injuries can be easily avoided with some common sense and a few safety precautions, but you can simply avoid it altogether by passing on the heavy lifting to the professionals who will have the skill, assessment and tools to transport your stuff without compromising anyone’s safety. 


Your Stuff Will Be Secured

Most removals companies offer basic insurance coverage for the items that their crew will be packing up and transporting. That means in the event that some of your belongings do get damaged, you will be fairly compensated. This will also get you the peace of mind you truly deserve. 


You will have to note, though, that anything you pack and have them transport may be void of the insurance coverage. As a precaution, anything you pack should go into your car with you. By doing so, all parties will be protected and accountable only for the stuff they should be held accountable for. 


It is also advisable for you to find out beforehand the maximum amount the insurance will cover, as well as what items can and cannot be covered. As an extra precaution, you may also want to provide your moving company with a list of items that should be handled with extra care. 


You Will Be Saving More Money

Yep, you read that right! While at first glance, the cost of a removals company seems off-putting, the truth is hiring professional movers may actually help you save money in the long run. 


Think about it. By hiring a moving company, you will not have to worry about renting a moving van (and refuelling it). You also do not have to worry about buying wrapping and packing materials, as they will already have these on-hand, and will almost always be part of their professional fees. 


Additionally, because they are experienced in packing, the cost of the removal will probably be pretty close to the amount you’ll be spending on boxes, wrapping materials, and tape. 


Moreover, if you are moving without professional help, any broken or damaged items would mean your stuff, and your money by extension will be lost for good. 


So, while the upfront costs of a removals company may be overwhelming, it is best for you to take a step back and see the bigger picture. Are you really saving up or are you just directing your money elsewhere? 


Are you convinced about hiring a removals company yet? If so, here are some vital questions you should ask before hiring a removalist.


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  1. I am hopefully moving house before Christmas. I am hoping for a mid-December completion but have no confirmed date as yet. My move will be from Horley in Surrey to Wolsingham in County Durham so a fair old way. Looking forward to a better way of life up north and certainly way more space for my money than in Surrey.

    1. Moving from Surrey to County Durham I’m sure you will get much more house for the same price as down South. Nothing like getting away from the South East for a better qualit yof life – Good Luck Verity!

  2. Your blogs is always focused on the detail of moving house. I love reading it. So, anyone searching for house moving tips and advice may find what they are looking for here. This is a great article and you are bang on with your tips.

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