Reasons to avoid a DIY move

Reasons to avoid a DIY move

Moving will be, without a doubt, one of the most difficult transitional periods in your life. And, because of that fact, you will need all the help you get. Still, many people undervalue the importance of professional movers and decide to opt for a DIY kind of a move. Some do it because they think it will save them a lot of money, some do it because they feel too proud, etc. But, little do they know that even the smallest and the most innocent mistake due to either inexperience or lack of knowledge can sometimes cost them a lot more. We are not talking only about the money – unprofessionalism in moving can cost one time, energy, nerves, and most importantly, health. However, if you are still not persuaded, then keep on reading. Here are some legitimate reasons to avoid a DIY move.

DIY Move Does Not Always Cost Less 

As previously mentioned, the number one reason why most people opt for a DIY kind of a move is money. However, moving by yourself can only be cheaper if you are moving somewhere around the corner and if you have scarcely any belongings.

The problems start to occur when the hidden costs of moving emerge. These costs are usually packing supplies, moving equipment, moving trucks, road tolls and taxes, fuel surcharges, shipping, insurance, cleaning, etc., to mention just a few. Moreover, having a DIY kind of a move can cause a lot of damages both to your properties (the current and the new one) and to your own body – all of which will end up costing a lot more money than simply hiring movers. Hopefully, this answers your question of how easy it is to do your own house removal – not easy nor cheap at all.

It Will Consume All of Your Time and Energy 

If you think that packing your home and moving all of your belongings is something that can be done over the weekend, you are wrong! Still, many people think they can pull it off. Those are the same people who hire movers the next time they decide to move.

When you move by yourself, that is, when you have a DIY kind of a move, be prepared to spend weeks for it. Maybe even months! It is essential to know, right at the beginning, that moving is a process that requires a lot of planning and preparation. And, if this is your first time moving, those plans and preparations will demand all of your time. If you have weeks and months to spare, great! But, if you have to move in a hurry for business reasons, or if you are moving with small children, for example, you will need to get everything done in the fastest possible manner. And, the only way to do that is, as previously said, with professional movers, not by yourself.

Avoid a DIY Move As It Can Break Friendships 

Even when moving by yourself, you will need help doing some tasks. For example, you will need help getting that sofa down the stairs and into the moving truck, you will need help disassembling that bulky closet, or you will just need somebody to watch your children and pets on the moving day.

Most of your friends will be able to give you a hand when preparing and packing for the move. However, you should keep in mind that friends mean well but they are not skilled! You can make all the same mistakes with their help too. Those same mistakes will end up costing a lot more time, money, and energy all over again.

Another thing that can happen with DIY relocations is relying on your friends for too much. You may need their help not for one day but for an entire week. Packing, heavy lifting, and doing all sorts of physical work is not on anybody’s wish list. Thus, do not take your friends for granted and assume they have all the time in the world to help you with your moving as you may lose those friends.

And, It Can Also Break Bones 

Besides breaking friendships, DIY relocations can also break bones! Believe it or not, but moving injuries are as common as any other. A lot of things can go wrong – you may strain your back, break your fingers and toes, injure your knees and neck, sprain your ankles, or you may cut and scrape just any part of your body. Moreover, you may injure not only yourself but also any other household member around you. As you can see, these moving injuries are nothing to joke about – some of them can even put you in hospital.

Moving injuries happen because of our inexperience and lack of knowledge, and of course, because of our clumsiness. Many people do not know how to heavy-lift, nor how to use the machines they have rented for this occasion. For these people, a DIY kind of a move is just a disaster waiting to happen. Moving house like a professional requires a lot of research upfront – give yourself time to learn all the lifting techniques, carrying methods, stretching exercises, etc. Also, head out and buy protective gear! If this seems just too much, you know what to do – hire movers.

Specialty Items Require Special Care 

None of us are born with expert packing skills; these skills are learned, but only if you have enough time and energy for that. If you do not, you will have to let movers handle your precious belongings if you want them to arrive at your new address in one piece.

This is especially important for specialty items. Those are items that are bulky, heavy, difficult to pack, and also those that are extremely valuable and expensive, such as musical instruments, art pieces, antique furniture, and for others, those are pools, hot tubs, and aquariums. Relocating these is hard even for professionals, let alone for inexperienced people. Just one wrong move can cost your precious item! So, if you value your belongings, avoid a DIY move and let experts handle them.




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