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Most Popular Kerb Appeal Ideas to Attract Potential Buyers

Visual appeal is one of the most important factors that influence our first impression. That means that beautifully designed things will trigger emotions and memories in our brain that, on the subconscious level, will favour some things over others. It’s no different when we are looking for a new home. We will look for something to check all the boxes when it comes to functionality and personal preferences. Still, the outside of the house is the first thing that will draw our attention. Whether you are exploring the most popular kerb appeal ideas to attract potential buyers or plan to refresh the exterior design and reinvent the look of your yard, here are the best ways to do it.

Refresh the house exterior

Every home needs occasional renovation and remodelling if we want to keep it in top condition. Doing it through small projects won’t feel like a financial burden since giving little by little is more manageable than cashing it all at once. Hence, dedicating some investment to bring out your home’s best features before putting it on the market is always a smart move. Suppose you have the means and will; let us start with painting the exterior walls. The wall freshness and colour are something that everyone notices first, so refreshing or changing the paint will do much good. Choosing the colour is up to you, but avoid using too bright or too dark paint. Going with neutral and earthy pastel colours is the most appealing look in general.

Still, if you love to play with colour, you can be brave when choosing one for your doors and windows. Doors are a very noticeable feature of every house, so paying extra attention to its design and colour is essential. Its features will say a lot about the owner, their tastes, and the welcoming feeling the house is trying to vibe. The same thing refers to front gates. Adding a fresh coat of paint will do wonders!

Keeping the patios top-notch

Re-vamping porches, patios, terraces, balconies, and any other leisure spaces your home has is the perfect way to add value to your house. There are so many popular kerb appeal ideas for these areas that could make your place beyond recognition. It would help if you started with thoroughly cleaning them, from top to bottom. Also, see if those floors need some refreshing or polishing. When it comes to wood surfaces, a coat of paint and a protective layer are a good idea. Naturally, if you have some tiles or stone floors, all you need is to clean them meticulously. Grouts, tiles, and uneven surfaces might require different treatment, but nothing gives a better impression than spotless floors. After you’re done, apply the same procedures on staircases and stairs.

Furnishing the leisure area

After all the cleaning and refreshing is done comes the best part – decorating the patios, porches, and terraces. Such choices will depend on your preferable design, but going with comfortable and durable furniture pieces is always a win. The details you choose should be inviting and welcoming, so add a few elements that will draw attention to them. Make sure to have some lovely cushions for your outdoor furniture, especially when staging your home for sale. When you’ve decided on the centrepiece of these areas, add some more details like outdoor lanterns, flower pots, or maybe even string lights. Patio furniture is an excellent investment if you know how to take care of it, so make sure to learn how to safely store it and put it away in winter to protect it from harsh weather.

Fix and wash the driveway

Driveways are usually not among the most popular kerb appeal ideas when sprucing up our place for sale. Still, the importance of it is beyond questioning. Imagine driving to an open house and noticing cracks or a dirty driveway along the way. That is the first thing we see on the property, and it’s never good to form a wrong impression of a house before you even have a chance to check it out. Therefore, it’s of utmost importance to fix and pressure-wash the driveway when trying to attract potential buyers. It’s always good to inspect the driveway now and then. If it has cracks in it, repaving might be a good idea.

Landscaping will do magic

Landscaping is the most efficient way to draw attention to the property. No matter how well the home exterior looks, people will have doubts if the front yard is poorly maintained. And even though landscaping doesn’t require much investment if you’re planning to do it as a DIY project, no one wants to pay a significant amount of money for a new home and then invest some more if they don’t have to.

Your landscaping project can be big or small, depending on how far you are willing to go. Either way, begin with checking the condition of the grass. Usually, simple mowing will do the trick if you already maintain the surface regularly. Pay attention to cut all the bushes and overgrown grass patches, especially close to the house. While you’re doing it, see if any plants or trees need trimming and add some more mulch around them. A fresh layer of mulch or landscape rocks will refresh the terrain and add contrast to the property.

From here, the only thing left is to plant some fresh flowers if you’re putting your home on the market during spring or summer. Investing in a garden project is one of the most popular kerb appeal ideas since it’s the most effective way to refresh the front yard.

Pay attention to details

Doing all the work won’t do you much if you don’t pay attention to every part of your household equally. From big surfaces and most popular kerb appeal ideas to neglected small things, like mail-boxes and house numbers, everything matters! Every little detail is essential when looking at the big picture. Remember that your potential buyers are looking for their dream home, and nothing less than dreamy will do.



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