Home Improvements to Add Value to Your Home

Homeowners can be excited at the prospect of renovating their home, but it can quickly become a stressful process when reality sets in on just how much the renovations could cost. However, calculating and planning for the expenses of the home improvements in advance can ease the stress of renovating and help you better plan for the work to be completed.

Creating an open-plan kitchen is a great way to refresh your home as it will add value by providing a more spacious layout that will make the house family-friendly. It’s important, however, to determine whether the cost is worth the investment. Seeing where your renovation budget will have the biggest impact can help you decide where the money should be spent. For example, if you decide to add an open-plan kitchen, it could possibly add a value of £18,251 to your home.

Even simple renovations such as double-glazing windows and adding solar panels can have the added benefit of making your house more energy efficient. If you like spending time in the garden, consider adding a garden room.

To calculate your home renovations and to see where you can add value to your home, head over to Sainsbury’s Bank site to use the calculator.

You can also see the guide below on what renovations will add the most value to your home, which ones are the most expensive, and which ones will yield the highest profit.

Home Renovation Calculator

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