prepare your home for a move

How do Movers Protect and Prepare your Home for a Move

Do you think the moving business is easy? It definitely is not. There are several nuances to it like packing, loading, unloading, and organizing. Though moving is not impossible but it has its own challenges. Moving is unequivocally the most stressful process because it can take a toll on even the best of organizers. But no matter how complex the task is, if performed with perfection you have nothing to worry about. If you know how to pack and move efficiently, you know exactly what difference will it make.


So how do professional movers tackle moving-related tasks? First, professional movers have packing and moving skills. Second moving companies mostly hire individuals with experience. They have the knowledge that ensures you always have safe and easy move. Not only this, but skilled movers are also familiar with the packing requirements and they know some crucial things related to moving. If you want to know what are those crucial things read below and find out how to pack your home as a mover does.


Start packing weeks ahead of the move


There is one thing that you have to keep in mind that packing is an integral part of any move. So as soon as you buy a new house, immediately start thinking about the days you can devote to packing alone. The bigger the house the more things you have to pack. Though consider yourself lucky if you have to pack a small apartment. But not lucky enough because you will still need a lot of skills to pack all your belongings. If you don’t want to be surrounded by boxes for weeks them simply rent a cheap self-storage unit.


Having said that, let’s see how packing weeks ahead of the move will help you. First, you will not be stressed by the time the moving trucks arrive. Second, you can keep a check on the movers while they load and unload all your belongings. Third, you will stay stress-free and have a great move.


Keep the furniture light


It has happened to most of us. Whether out of sheer laziness, avoidance or forgetfulness. But we have all been there. Un-emptied drawers of a hairdresser – does it ring a bell. Yes exactly, it is important to empty out all the drawers. Because a heavy dresser will be difficult to carry. It will consume your time and energy. Plus it is difficult to assess the safety of a piece of furniture when it is loaded with things inside. So, it is best that you first empty out all the drawers, pack the things in a separate box and then wrap the hairdresser in a soft blanket.


Label the boxes


Labeling will go a long way. It is also one of the techniques that will help you stay organized. Give a number to each box or use the technique of color-coding. Numbering the boxes will help you keep track of all the items and color-coding will help you identify which box belongs where. For example, the purple color is for the kitchen appliances, red for the master room, and green for the living room. In addition to this, don’t forget to prioritize the boxes. Say you are moving plants, aquarium or a fragile item. All these items will need immediate opening. So make sure you mark all the boxes that need to be unpacked as soon as you reach your house.


Separate the essentials from the non-essentials


You don’t need the old TV that lies in the basement nor the clothes that don’t fit. So, before making the final inventory donate or sell the non-essentials. Moving is the best opportunity to look for all the things that you can sell or simply donate. You can also call your friends and ask them if they are interested in buying some of the items. Likewise, you can also donate kitchen appliances not in use, old curtains, pieces of furniture lying in the store, etc. As a result of this exercise, you will have less things to pack.


Keep a stock of all the packing supplies


Gather all the supplies before you even begin to pack. You will need a pack of tapes, boxes of different shapes and sizes, wrapping paper, plastic wraps, bubble wraps, soft blankets, straps, moving dolly, markers, and gloves. So, make sure you gather all the supplies or buy the ones you don’t have. Instead, there are entire stores dedicated to selling items that you will need for packing. You can even request Manhattan Movers or the movers in your city to get the packing material for you. But remember they will charge you extra for the same.


Whether you are hiring long distance movers in NYC or local movers NYC of the city you reside in. If you have the right movers helping you they will make your journey stress-free and smooth. But in case if you chose to move all by yourself, keep all the tips mentioned above in mind. Happy moving!

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