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How Do I Transfer Utilities When Moving House?

Moving house? Find out how to transfer utilities over efficiently so that you have all the services you need to make the most of your new place.


Within the last 12 months nearly 600,000 people consider themselves ‘just moved’, and around the same number consider themselves still ‘settling in’ to a new home. For those people, there’s a lot to do to make their new place a true home. Unpacking boxes, redecorating, getting to know the neighbours, maybe settling the kids into a new school – these sorts of tasks are the easy part of the stressful process of moving house.


Of course, there are some other less fun jobs to get done too, so that you’re completely set up to start this new chapter of your life. Transferring the utilities is one such job, but it’s an essential job to complete once you move. It’s not a fun task but the longer you delay it, the more you could overspend on expensive standard tariffs. You could also end up paying for utilities at your old home and your new home at the same time – something to avoid at all costs.


To help you get this essential job done when you’re moving house, here are some handy hints on how to transfer your utilities:


Who’s Providing You With Services?


One of the first things you need to do is find out who your providers are new and were before in your old home. It sounds simple but, maybe you have forgotten that you transferred between providers while in your old house. Some small energy suppliers have gone out of business in recent years so you may even have been transferred to a different energy supplier by the gas and electricity regulator. Collect all the information you need so that you know exactly who provided utilities to your own home, and who is currently providing utilities at your new home. Remember to find the information (if applicable) for:


  • Security system providers
  • Internet & phone line
  • Electricity
  • Gas
  • Oil
  • Water
  • Council tax



Contact Suppliers Early


If you can contact the providers about a fortnight before you actually move you can then get a head start on transferring your utilities. If not, 48 hours is just as helpful as there’s some notice to help get everything set up. This will mean that your utilities should be transferred on moving day but it’s always a good idea to contact the providers just to check they’re no longer charging you for your old home.


If you have moved before you get around to changing the utilities, get this particular task completed ASAP to avoid paying to run two homes. You’ll want to get the utilities transferred and let the new home’s current providers know that you’re transferring over. In all cases, make sure the utility providers you are choosing to use at your new home and from your previous address have your most current details in case they need to get in touch.


Take Meter Readings


It is important to take meter readings on the moving day from both your old and new homes.. This is to give to the utility companies if your final bill/first bill is not what you think it should be. This ensures that they know when you should be charged from, and what to charge the people who have moved out for their final bills. As an extra precaution take a photo of all meters.


More Handy Tips:


Just to make transferring utilities an even smoother process checkout these extra handy tips:


  • If you have a smart meter, check it is in smart mode before you move so that it is sending the most recent readings to your utility supplier
  • Check where you are with any current contracts as this could be a good chance to switch to a better provider or a cheaper tariff
  • Ask to be prioritised for connection if you are at pension age, disabled or otherwise vulnerable
  • If there is a meter in the new property, get the amount cleared by the supplier so you don’t take on the debt of the previous homeowner. You should also discuss how to use it, and the cost of removing it or switching it to pay monthly if that suits you better


You’re All Setup To Switch Utilities!

It may not be a fun job, but switching utilities is an essential job that can help you settle in comfortably in your new home as quickly as possible.


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