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Hiring Professional Packers Vs. Pacing Yourself: Which Is Right For You?

Moving is indeed a time-consuming and stressful process. It involves the excitement of starting a new life in a new place as well as the sorrow of leaving your old home behind. But the whole process of relocation requires attention more than anything else. Packing everything from furniture to documents, make proper arrangements for transporting those assets, and a few more things that are need to be done correctly. At this point, it is pretty normal to get confused. Because there will be no second chance, whatever you will do, should be done correctly.

For example, you are packing. No matter you are moving alone or moving with a family, you have to pack everything up. Now suppose you are hiring a movers and packers company. They are the professionals. So your work will be done pretty quickly. But what if their inconvenience causes you any damage? Don’t you think that will be another addition during this hassle?

That is the reason why here we are going to talk about particularly on the matter of packing so that you can make your mind clear, whether you will be packing or will let an agency do so.

Professional packers

Professional packers are professionals because they are trained in the art of packing and moving the box. In many moving companies, packing is an add-on option.  The process starts when the workers come into the customer’s house guided by the customer himself to check what needs to be packed and whatnot. Once the packing is over, workers assemble all the boxes carefully. From there, movers take over the work.


  • It is quick

If your home is bigger with several rooms, then the number of furniture must be pretty high too. So apparently it’s a time consuming and tiring work to disassemble each asset and wrap them. In this kind of situation, professional packers can save your life! As for you, it may take a few weeks or even a month; professional packers will get the job done may be within only a few hours or a day.

  • Packing will be proper

You must agree that there must be a few differences in your process of wrap things and trained professionals’ process. They use specific methods to pack delicate, valuable stuff like delicate glassware, some artwork, mirrors, sculptures, etc. Their process minimizes the chance of damaging things. Their company gives you the guarantee of their work, and if it is a good company, they will also provide you with insurance. But what will happen if your unprofessional package occurs any damage?


  • Expensive

Expense or cost is the main reason why people hesitate to consult a movers and packers agency. But if someone wants to hire a company, they usually will want to hire the best one. And the best ones can cost several hundredths to thousandths, depending on the number of items that need to be packed.

  • Lack of control

Professional packers are trained with specific methods of packing, which is why they are not going to the methods ordered or guided by you. They may pack all of your winter clothes along with your summer clothes. Things you have already packed in your way, the packers will repack them according to their method. In the end, while unpacking, you may end up being confused and frustrated.

  • Trusting

Some people may feel uncomfortable letting a group of unknown people come into your house to handle and pack personal belongings. Maybe they are afraid of threats like theft or breaking precious belongings. However, choosing an ethical, trustworthy company that will provide trustworthy workers is up to you.

Advantages and disadvantage of packing yourself


  • Low costs

As we discussed before, the expense is the main reason for not choosing movers and Packers Company. So, for the same reason, the reduced costs are the main advantage of packing yourself. Moving is itself a costly step, and your pocket may be a little tight after purchasing a home and bearing other related expenses. And that is precisely why maybe you are skipping the step of paying professional packers.

  • Everything is under your control

If there is an issue with strangers handling your belongings or are not happy if the workers are not following your way, it will be useful to handle everything yourself. We can understand some people are somehow dominant in nature- who are habituated in controlling situations, then hiring packers may cause you serious frustrations.

  • You are not going to steal

While you are packing by yourself, the fear of theft or breaking should be nowhere. Another thing is, no one will understand the value of your possessions better than yourself, so you are the one who will pack everything very carefully. So, you can keep your most lovable belongings away from dishonest workers.


  • Time-consuming

Where the main reason for hiring packers is saving your time, handling everything by yourself may require lots of time. Relocating in a new home is already a hassle- from changing the address to handling insurance or medical issues, from attending farewell to making travel arrangements: where is the time to take care of packing?  That’s why the whole packing process may take months, leaving you entirely incapable of further works.

  • You are not a professional

Firstly you packed everything with lots of patience and time, what will happen if your non-professional packing damages a few of your belongings? Even after doing everything according to online instructions, you cannot decrease the chance of damaging things, as you are not aware of the proper methods.

Company will provide you insurance for their inconvenience

For instance, you packed a bunch of glasses in a box, and the truck’s vibrations broke them, then the movers are not responsible for your loss. They are not liable for boxes they didn’t pack. That means if you pack your things, then you are doing this with your risk.

If you’re in Dubai you can check this: Movers and packers in Dubai.

At the end

Whether you want to hire packers or going to do it yourself- it should depend on your needs. What will happen if you will need to face a lot more loss than the packers’ charge? After judging everything, if you are completely sure that you can do it, hiring packers won’t be necessary, then it’s your call. But in the end, you are going to judge the matter, no one else, so think carefully and then decide.



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Top Tips For Finding A Great Removals Business

Finding the best Removals Company in the market filled with fierce competition could be daunting. It can be quite problematic especially when you know that you do not have the capacity to do extensive research and interview all the companies that are available. What you want is a removals company who are professional, trustworthy and reliable. You will be tasking them with taking care of your items. This means that if you choose the wrong company, you will probably end up with broken items or worse.

We have heard our fair share of Removals nightmares that we know already which factors to look for so you can ensure that you do not end up with a hellish experience. Moving homes or office can be quite stressful. There is no need for you to add up to that stress by dealing with a problematic company. You should look for professionals and experienced movers that will pack your valuables and belongings in a quick and efficient manner.

When moving, you also have to take into consideration that they will be handling your expensive items ie. fine china, furniture, etc. Having a great Removals company will also be beneficial as they can hook you up with self-storage facilities that can make the entire moving process convenient for you. Professional Removals companies will also have specialists that are experts in packing your stuff and moving them which will make everything efficient.

Here are some tips on how to find the right Removals company for you.


  1. Check the Internet and use the appropriate keywords to find the best Removals company in your area
  2. Once you have a list of potential companies, check out the experiences of each company. When it comes to experience, the longer the better.
  3. Check out if the Removals company are partnered with self storage or other storage facilities. Companies like this are indicative that they know a lot about moving.
  4. Inquire how they would be handling your furniture, valuables, and all your other materials. This will guarantee that you will be in safe hands.
  5. Only sign with a Removals company if they have insurance. You can’t avoid accidents from happening
  6. Go to their office before the moving day. It would be best for you to meet the point person, the driver, and the other men that will do the moving for you. This ensures that you are not going to be moving with complete strangers
  7. Double check the terms and conditions of your contract and clarify some unclear terms
  8. If you’re going to get a storage facility, do an ocular visit before so you can be sure that it is appropriate


Before the removals men arrive, here are some things that you should do first:

  1. Create a master list of all the items that you will have the Removals company bring. It would also be more prudent to take pictures of the more valuable items like your furniture. This would also help you with insurance claims if something unfortunate happens. This would also help you if you are missing items at y our new place
  2. Label all the boxes and packages properly to prevent any sort of confusion and mishandling
  3. Keep all of your important documents like your passport, bank statements, etc. with you. Jewellery should also be handled personally. As a rule of thumb, if you can’t risk losing them, bring them with you
  4. Before you finally leave your house, make sure that it is entirely empty. Check every room, wardrobe, cupboard, and closet to guarantee that you do not have items that you have left.