elderly person moving home

Moving Home as an Elderly Person – What to Consider

Moving home at any age can be stressful as well as exciting but for elderly people there can be added complications and things to think about.

Many older people decide to move home mainly for practical reasons. Perhaps their current home is too big and becoming unmanageable if for instance the person is struggling with reduced mobility. Or maybe they need to move closer to family and friends in order to access care and support. Other reasons can be financial such as the need to raise funds for future care needs. Decisions could include what type of new home do you need and how much space?

One thing many elderly people worry about is having to go into residential care if they become too infirm to manage but research by the Live-in Care Hub has shown that some 97% of people in the UK express a wish to remain in their own homes throughout their senior years. With this in mind read on for ideas on how you can achieve this and still access care plus what you need to consider if you do move home.

De-clutter but Keep the Memories

One of the hardest things about moving home and especially to a smaller home is giving up decades of possessions when your present home is full of memories and family mementos. The prospect of throwing away precious belongings can for some be a reason to put off any thoughts of a move even though moving would be beneficial to health and wellbeing. For this reason it is important to get family members and friends on board to help and support you throughout this stressful and momentous time in your life. Help to sort through belongings and paperwork to decide what to keep is a good start keeping in mind the emotional impact and stress of dealing with the official aspects of moving. If care needs are a worry it can help to talk to providers of home care services to find out what kind of home care is available in the area in order to put minds at rest.


Room for a Carer?

When a decision is made to engage a live-in care helper it is essential that the new home has a spare room which after all will be the home carer’s room. They will need their own personal space in order to best carry out their tasks as professionally as possible.


Get Specialist Help

Moving someone from a home where they may have lived for many years can require the services of a company that specialises in helping elderly people relocate. If family and friends are unable to help then having someone who understands about the stresses and strains felt by older people leaving a much loved home can help the whole thing go as smoothly as possible. A specialist mover can understand and appreciate the memories and emotions tied up in precious belongings and furniture. Anything which offers support throughout the experience is important to help them feel they’re doing the right thing.