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Piano Movers focuses on household or business removal companies dedicated to piano removal, there are some removers that will help you, whether it’s an upright or a grand piano…

Pianos are heavy yet delicate instruments, so piano removal should be done by trained piano movers using adequate manpower and the correct equipment for any particular piano’s size and weight. Over the years, professional piano removers have developed special techniques for transporting both uprights and grand pianos, which prevent damage to the case and to the piano’s mechanics []

When doing piano removal, there are risks to the piano, risks of bodily injury to the piano movers and other people involved in the moving or who are near by, and of course, damage to other property. Although piano moving may appear to be a simple process, hidden factors compound the task.

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Pianos are complicated to move and should only be moved by a professional who is careful, properly trained, and insured. They must also have the proper equipment. Piano movers or removers are usually companies dedicated to home removal, but they have a focus on the main task, the process of moving this delicate instrument. Here are some basics about the process of piano moving, and what piano movers should know:

Upright or Vertical Piano: It is moved by tipping the piano and sliding a piano movers’ dolly underneath or lifting the piano up onto the dolly. The dolly has a strong frame for moving and large rubber wheels for ease of moving and not scratching the floor. The piano is transported to its new location and removed from the dolly. The piano should be covered to prevent being scratched or damaged. The wheels attached to a vertical piano itself are rarely designed for moving, and are primarily used for cosmetic effects. With a studio piano that has larger, double wheels, it is designed for short moves. When moving a studio piano beyond the immediate room or for more than just a few feet, a dolly should still be used.

Grand piano: A grand piano is moved by covering the piano, removing the pedal lyre (since
it does not support any weight) followed by the left leg, and gently lowering the piano over onto its straight side. The piano is then lifted up onto a flat, padded board called a ‘skid board’. The lid is allowed to overhang the side so as to not pressure it. The piano is blanketed, strapped down and the other two legs are removed. Additional care should be added to ensure that the piano parts that can rub together and scratch must be secured. The skid board with the piano is tipped and a piano movers dolly is slid underneath for transport to its new location, where the procedure is reversed.

Piano Removal Companies


The Piano Removal Company: This Piano moving company offer services across UK, they have 2 types of piano removal services; part load option (linking the transportation of your piano in with other work in the area), and express load option (a dedicated direct A to B basis, so you can specify the dates and to some extent the times we arrive etc to suit).

“Our team have been moving pianos for the music industry and public for over 20 years. We undertake all nature of removals from straight forward access to installation requiring cranes… …We are the UK specialists in our field as we have a dedicated team that is familiar with the majority of upright & grand pianos in circulation.”

Phone: (0800) 085 2076


Piano Logistics: This company of piano movers has a well known good reputation of providing exceptional piano removal and storage service at a competitive price. “We transport the world’s finest pianos on a daily basis using our bespoke specialist vehicles operated by our team of uniformed staff”. This company has been approved by Steinway & Sons, offers up to £100,000 on insurance, temperature controlled storage & vehicles, Piano tuning and repair, services also to Ireland, France, Germany, Spain, Holland & Belgium.

Piano removal services: Part load with other pianos when we are in your area, and Piano express for concerts, birthdays, special occasions, etc.

Phone: (0800) 294 9442 / email: info@pianologistics.co.uk


Check with a company for latest information and prices.

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More Piano Movers


Piano Removal Team Bath Ltd: This piano removers company is recommended by many of the West Countries Piano retailers and also Coach House, a Steinway dealer in South Wales. Piano tuning, polishing, restoration, and storage are some of their additional services, Piano removal insurance also (up to £4,000 of Instrument Insurance).

“Inevitably the company has expanded and the Piano Removal Team now travels daily throughout the UK and has regular removals across our neighboring countries such as France, Ireland, Sweden, Italy, Belgium and Spain. We are proud of our impressive track record and are renowned as professional, reliable removal experts across the industry.”

Phone: (07831) 361990 / email: richard.cox@pianoremovalteam.co.uk


Music Box Piano Ltd: Located in Manchester, they offer Upright & Grand Piano removal & storage. Long and short term storage on temperature controlled piano storage units.

“We have been moving pianos for over 25 years. Our trained staff and equipment will pick up and deliver your piano safely in a enclosed lorry with a tale gate lift, All pianos are sheeted with quilted covers and for grands we use a grand sledge as well.”

Phone: (0800) 074 2667


Astra Removals: Located in Dorset, offering specialist piano moving services in moving all-size pianos from 5 octave uprights to full size concert- grands, small keyboards to digital grand pianos. New, old and antique. Europe moving, International shipping, 24 hour services, crane work, among other services.

Phone: +44 (0) 1202 594132


Herts Piano Transport From Herts, servicing UK and Europe. Grand and Upright, special and Part load piano removal services, also Crane work, piano storage, disposal, concert services. Insurance available.

Phone: (07811) 453721


Gilberts Piano Transport Ltd: Offering piano transport, piano removals & storage, and grand piano removals
throughout Manchester, Cheshire, and the northwest of England.

Phone: (0161) 905 2700


Pianospeed: specialize in piano removals in Manchester, Cheshire, London, Glasgow, the whole of the UK,
Ireland and Europe. Piano moving, disposal and shipping, also Piano tuning.

Phone: (0845) 094 8975


Piano Removals UK: Specialists in the secure removal of Pianos across the UK and Europe. Great service, carried out by dedicated professionals. Special equipment, cranes, familiar with most of upright and Grand types, Piano storage, re-polishing, restoration and tuning. Located in Bristol.

Phone: (07831) 361990


Eden Piano Removals Ltd: A specialist piano removal and storage company. Crating and shipping Worldwide, also offers Piano storage and tuning.

“We have over 15 years experience in moving all kinds of pianos from small uprights to concert grands. Our removal teams are fully trained and only move pianos. This will ensure that your valuable piano will be protected from any damage as will your home.”

Phone: (020) 8670 3737


Roberts Pianos: Removal and storage of Grand Pianos, restoration, polishing, tuning, Piano rental, valuation, also
Piano advice. Located in Oxford, Portsmouth, and London.

Phone: (01865) 240634