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Business Removals gathers information when you need removals services for you company’s offices and/or spaces, furniture removals, home movers companies dedicated to office removals…

Running a business is hard enough without having to worry about any needs that don’t directly affect you and your Company, there could be a time when your current space will simply no longer meet the needs of your business, you may be forced with the decision of changing locations. This can be quite stressful without an adequate plan of attack that allows you to continue your daily activities and take care of the essentials of the removal process.

If business removals are in your near future tasks, it’s never too early to get started, so the transition may be as smooth as humanly possible


Darren W. Chow on an article for EZine Articles“Six Tips For Making Your Office Removals Project Smooth and Successful” has compiled a series of useful tips about the process of find and hire removal and/or moving services from business removals companies.;

  • Take inventory: How else are you going to know what you have, what you need, and what you can leave behind? Inventory should be done
    every so often anyway just to give you peace of mind. An office removals project pretty much requires that you do one.
  • Setting a deadline: Chances are you won’t have just an abundance of time
    for your office removals project. After all, few businesses can
    afford to cease operations while the move is going on. That costs
    you greater amounts of time and money in the long run.
  • Have everyone pitch in: No man is an island, and no office employee should
    be off the hook with responsibility. If you learn to delegate
    responsibilities, you will find the office removals project more
    manageable, and your employees will appreciate the fact that you
    trust them with something so important.
  • Plan your new location around efficiency: A successful office removals
    project is as much about moving in as moving out. Before the day
    of the big move, make sure that you have a clear plan of your new
    office’s layout area.
  • Keep tabs on your progress: Throughout the process, make sure you are constantly re-examining your inventory and keeping tabs on how much you
    have accomplished, and how much you have left to go.
  • Clean up:
    When everything is moved in, don’t forget about your old location.
    Cleaning up is essential because it gives you further peace of
    mind with regards to your accomplishment, and it can catch details
    you may have missed previously.

Business Removals Companies

Pickfords Business Moving

“Pickfords Business Moving is a specialist division of Pickfords, the largest and most experienced moving company in the UK and Ireland.

Many of our customers look for an office removals company which can provide a portfolio of moving services. Our customers benefit from a cost-effective service provided by a national network of branches. Our national network means we can deliver office removals services locally within a framework of national and international resources.”
Phone: 0800 019 8557


Alexander Removals

Alexanders Removals & Storage are a specialist business removal company in London. Alexanders offer specialized office removal services with large companies in mind, crate hire, professional packing and packaging. A man with a van service could be designed to allow you to get all the necessary assistance you need and to the scale required []

Phone: 0800 369 8690


BeeMoved Removals – Flexible local and national removals and relocations based in Brighton, Crawley, Worthing and Tunbridge Wells. Ph. 01273 20 40 98

Robinsons – UK, Europe and internationally. Ph. 0800 833 638

Bortrans Removals – Office removals, commercial removals and house removals alongside domestic storage. Covering a wide on Milton Keynes, Bedford and Northampton. Ph.01908 312001

Furniture Removals – When it comes to Furniture Removals you need to plan ahead and research for the removal company that offer the best option, according to your specific furniture moving needs, there are many things to be aware of…

Relevant Places

Shiply – Directory of UK courier companies, home movers, business removals, removals & storage companies…describe what it is you need to move, location and other preference, and check the lists of the best options for you.

The Removal Supermarket
– Business removals “Here at The Removal Supermarket, we remove any stress of trying to find the perfect removal companies for your forthcoming move. We source 100’s of relevant removal quotes to find you the best removal companies and removal services, with the goal to save you time and money. “.

– Listings of house removals, moving companies, house movers, around UK. Check also for Man and Van, overseas removals, office business removals, removal boxes and more.

UK Removal and Storage Company – “We are a quality directory of UK based removal & storage firms. In our database we have 7,500+ local businesses, covering 2500 towns and cities in UK and offering commercial & domestic services. “.

EZine Articles
– “Six Tips For Making Your Office Removals Project Smooth and Successful “, an Article by Darren W. Show about the process of Business removals.

More Business Removals Companies


Diamond Removals

“Just like any other business activity, office relocation needs clearly defined and agreed objectives. Moving your office to another location within the same building or to a remote location demands a level of skill and management that can overburden even the most well prepared office managers. During this time, other demands upon them will already be very high.”

Phone: 0800 085 9820



Engaging the services of Removals4you will prove to be one of the best business moves your company could make as they are committed to moving either the contents of some of your business or all of your commercial property and possessions in the most efficient manner costing you the least disruption to your productivity and schedule.

Phone: 08701 997 758

FTS Fast Transport Services

Office business removals are a major logistical exercise. It requires careful planning and project management to ensure it all happens with minimum disruption to business. Fast Transport Services has helped some of the UK’s top companies to relocate

Phone: 0870 243 0139 / email:


Johnsons Business Moves

“The sphere of commercial relocation is altogether too large to appreciate without application to a particular project. Johnsons advisors are on hand to visit you at your premises, survey the volume to move and discuss fully the requirements of your company. It will be at this point that the approach to the project will be covered. Moves take on many formats, the most common of which are listed.”

Phone: 01606 595795


Relocate Removal Ltd

Office removals can severely affect your company. There has to be a strategy to ensure a good moving. In this business removals firm, they are experts at moving your office backed by years of experience and knowledge in this specialist field. Computer equipment and office systems require careful consideration when relocating your office to allow your office staff a smooth, uncomplicated move ensuring productivity levels remain high []



“At Ward-Thomas Office Moving, we understand that the key to a successful office removals is good planning, research of your new office location and supervision during the relocation. To begin the office moving and scheduling process we need to look at the most efficient way to relocate your business as smoothly as possible.”

Phone: 020 7038 0449